Cammara Care - Protective Care Services for Young People
Cammara Care - Protective Care Services for Young People
Children's Protective Care Worker Services

 “Supporting Young People with Learning Difficulties through Care

Unified Care Services - Inspiring and innovative Care for Young People

Unified Care Services provides superb and innovative care that aims to support young people that may display social and emotional needs that have often led to them being excluded from care and education.

Unified Care Services recognise that those who display the most challenging of behaviours often are the most vulnerable and require care that is safe, consistent, patient and that affords opportunity and encouragement to achieve.

Unified Care Services works closely with professionals within the Health and Social Care Services, as well as other identified professionals and understands the need to follow the care plan of the lead agency for the young person.  Our purpose is support and care for young people, to make them aware of their own potential and qualities and enhance their confidence and self-esteem so they can thrive in their communities.

Unified Care Services recognise that young people can be challenging and complex, this can lead to multiple placement breakdowns and ultimately the young person is left with no where to go. This situation creates further challenges due to feelings of rejection, separation and loss and becomes a cycle of significant need that is often unmet.  At Unified Care Services we believe young people should feel, valued, safe and respected, that their challenges are unique to their lived experiences and their behaviours are learned responses.

Unified Care Services intend to bridge the gap for children that are often hard to place, we recognise that this is a very fragile period of the young persons lived experiences despite challenges they display.

Unified Care Services are committed to good opportunities and outcomes for young people that will afford them with good experiences of inclusive care.

Unified Care Services ~ innovative care designed for young people